Hoping to start recording Football matches

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      Thought that this forum seemed the place to ask my question,

      I’m a trainee Sports Journalist at University at the moment and for part of my TV Production moduleI’ve been asked to make a Newsworthy TV Package,

      I was hoping to be able to record my local team Harrogate Town FC during a game but Idon’thave a camera so was just wondering what the best camera would be for recording the match and able to catch the goals that are scored in good quality.

      I am willing to pay upto around 150 but may go upto 350 if pushed to my limit,



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      Lee Stacey, the best would be free. I would check to see if there was some equipment on campus that you could borrow, maybe from the drama or some other department (the sports department might have some equipment that they use to film games or practice). I would suggest that you find a tripod to use also, this will steady your shots and give it a more professional appearance. If your team plays during daylight hours, this would give you more light to give better quality output. This is critical especially if you are using a lower end video camera. You didn’t mention how you are going to produce the end product (DVD?), type of computer/software that is available for you to use. Hope this helps, some more info would give us more to work on.

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      Yeah I thought about that, we do have equipment to borrow on campus but I thought maybe buying one now would set me up for things in the future for when I have left university,

      I am not fully sure how we are creating the end product yet but I believe we have to edit the video down to 2 minutes of footage, put captions over the video, include a voice over and I also have to have a recorded interview and edit it into the overall video to make it like a real news piece. I will try and find out the software available tomorrow when I am in university.

      There are 3 cameras I have found so far, just wondered what your opinions would be on them,



      or, http://www.amazon.co.uk/Panasonic-SD90-1920x1080p-Ready-Camcorder/dp/B004I1KPI4/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1327014861&sr=1-1



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      An alternative is using a camera like Veo (https://www.veo.co), where you can record matches without the need of a cameraman. Worth checking out.

      Kind regards,

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      You are doing a production module? Surely the uni is the sensible source of information? What kit do you use and are familiar with there? Do they use 150 quid cameras? Even with the downgrading of camera skills so journalists can use equipment themselves, there are quality standards that have to be met. Magnus is heavy on promoting Veo – which at two grand plus a subscription is somewhat overkill, and NOT what a journalist actually wants anyway.

      The Pansonic handicam is a nice camera, but I don’t know anything about the other brand. What I do know is that for sport, especially football, these cameras are pretty rubbish. Not the picture quality, but because they are point and shoot cameras with auto focus. You need a decent support – so a tripod that will cost probably half the price of the camera for a basic wobbly one. Zoom is quite unpredictable with the small lever, so smooth zooms in and out, necessary to track players as they move across the pitch are very difficult. The zoom range is also pretty limited for a full size football pitch – especially if you are in the stands. 16-20X would be useful, but with the small sensor, depth of field can cause grief, and these cameras have to go OUT of focus to go back into sharp focus which looks horrible. You can pick up real cameras like J~VC 500/5000 series SD for silly money on Ebay, but of course they are 4:3 and use tape – although you can use the firewire out to a recorder. An HD 16:9 camera like the JVC 100/200 series can be got for your kind of budget, if again you can live with tape. If you want real lenses, record to card cameras, then you need to add a 0, and five hundred quid for a tripod. Handicams are great for some things but sport is real stretch for them. Ask your college tutors. Your chosen edit platform may also need to be considered – AVCHD is not for some, the most easy standard to edit with.

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