Homemade 3D-How to manipulate NLE

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      Obviously, unless I have millions of $$$ I won’t be able to duplicate the Avatar 3D.

      But for the cheap, At-Home version. What is the trick to manipulate my NLE.

      I’ve heard that a cheap-man’s way of doing 3D is to put 2 cameras next to each other and film, then import them into your NLE.

      But how do you separate them. When the clips are added to the timeline, one will be on top of the other so one will always be hidden. If I change the opacity settings then the quality will be reduced.

      What’s the trick?


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      You’ll just have to compromise (or double) the resolution in width, and then put them side by side, giving a reddish tint to one and a bluish tint to the other. You might have a technique for adding red to the focused part ofapicture and blue to the other, or vice versa.

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      I used Aiptek 3D camcorder. It’s cheap, well around $200, and it comes with build-in software. So you can use either frame split to two parts or convert your movie to red-cyan version. You can see my last (home-made) clip at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMpfwCBEeKo

      Have to tell color are totally lost. The weather was either rainy or just gray, but any way with red-cyan conversion colors are washed away drastically. Too bad

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      Two cameras need the exact same focal length and to be eye width apart (interocular distance) and when working up close the cameras need to change angles to compensate (binocular vision)..

      set your composite mode to “Screen”

      take each layer (one for the left and the other for the right….) dump the blue greens from one layer and dump the reds from the other…. Just remember to keep track of which is the right and which is the left…

      I believe the left is red and the right cyan.

      use a clap noise in your audio to synch the video clips…

Viewing 3 reply threads
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