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      Hi – this is my first post as a newbie to this forum (hopefully posting in the correct forum), and I’m also fairly new to video file management…

      I’ve recently converted all my old SD MiniDV tapes (200+) to digital format (AVI), and also started to capture new home movies in AVCHD format (with a Canon Vixia HF M400 camcorder) – and I now need recommendations on how to manage the ever growing number of “raw” digital files. I’ve looked at various asset management programs (including MediaMonkey, Lightroom, IDImager,Pixelaand various others) but cannot find a solution for managing these assets – is there a consumer level software solution available (<$200, or freeware) that can manage basic video metadata info – preferably getting as much info directly from the file/video formats (clip length, quality, SD/HD, date taken, timecode, etc), with additional manually entered info (location, people in the videos, project, etc, etc). And i’m also looking for search capabilities -to find specific clips easily to do further manipulation (e.g. all clips in 2005 with person 1, in location A).

      I hope you can recommend some software solutions – my current Excel files are becoming unmanageable…



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      Jackson Wong

      Dear Heinrich,

      Here’s the first thing I found, John Burkhart’s review of a media management software, CatDV Pro, it’s up to version 9, so the review’s a bit old, http://www.videomaker.com/article/13255/. I can’t say I’ve checked it out personally, but it’s worth a look.

      Here’s the software,http://www.squarebox.co.uk/products.html

      You’ll be glad to find that the standard pricing is $99.http://www.squarebox.co.uk/intlstore.html

      You might still have something to gain from this article,http://www.videomaker.com/article/14242/

      Hopefully this helps, good job transferring all your video, that’s a big job!


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      The best video catalog

      It's the APP that makes one Computer better than the other – every-time
      Anyone with 100's or thousands of video to catalog and view; will quickly realize this is THE answer.
      Being able to randomly play a grouping of large text along with the associated segment of a video is incredible. I don't think "this" can be done by any other app.
      This app also catalogs Music, Pics and text
      All cel phones can now shoot video. This Apps latest features make good use of those capabilities.
      Video cataloging is completely different from Pictures. There are many segments in a video that may need explaining; from the perspective of shooter. RAW video doesn't include the whole story. And you can seldom verbally explain things on the fly. So large text with the video is the answer.
      Being able to randomly sample these video segments along with the textual details; helps keep you in touch with your video archive.
      The Time-Line Playback method requires no editing; so you only have the original videos to catalog. No mess of tiny video snippets cluttering up your computer.
      What a powerful training / teaching tool this app is.
      — sharing knowledge is what teaching is all about —
      this thread has over 2500 responses on the topic of "Nobody Shares Knowledge better than this" and nobody does.
      When you have lots of data there is a need to randomly sample it now and again to stay in touch. Video without comments quickly lose their relevance.
      Super Large font (48 point and more) makes it possible for those with impaired vision to read…
      With the above link you can download test video, along with the control file and FREE MultiMedia Application. This app works on Windows and Linux systems (and most likely the Mac)
      Over 2800 videos up on YouTube under SpectateSwamp and over 10,000 total; So I know VIDEO

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