home-built opteron vs i7 extreme

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      I know there are many questions on building a good editing system here, this is more specific. I have built many systems including the current one I am using but my “main job” is engineering and I have been toying with the idea of an editing-only system.

      Obviously I want the best bang for my buck. I know the i7 is great and the 6-core (extreme) even better, BUT what if I built an AMD Opteron based box? I am looking at a motherboard that has 2 proc sockets and AMD has an 8-core Opteron for $305/ea. That would put 16-cores in the box and there are 16 DDR3 memory slots. 2GB DDR3 DIMMs can be had for $50 each so not to hard to put in 32GB.

      Anyone with any experience with Opteron versus i7? Yes I know the Opteron is a ‘server’ cpu but clock cycles should be clock cycles for rendering. And I would think 16-cores trumps 6 even when it’s against the Intel i7 6 cores.

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      my question would be is the system 32-bit or 64-bit, though in spite of this the best answer would probably from Microsoft

      My advice would be to ask Microsoft the question of Windows compatibility based on your specs given, and see if the system is a 32-bit or x64. The only NLE I know of that supports 64-bit processing is Sony Vegas Pro 9. If Windows runs ok, and the software supports 32-bit (or x64) processing, you should be fine.

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      Adobe CS-5 is 64-bit and the new system I am looking to build is 64 bit.

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      Another question to ask is whether the NLE software will make use of all the extra cores. Not much good having ’em if the software won’t use ’em.

      Personally, I would go with the latest technology as that is more a hedge against obsolescence.

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