Hobby, Part- or Full-time?

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      I expect there are maybe seven general categories of Videomaker Forum participants here:

      Video student – undecided

      Hobby enthusiast

      Business Wannabee

      Part-time, income supplement

      Part-time, full-time hours, major income generator

      Full-time, working part-time elsewhere, or having other income resources

      Full-time, with the only money you receive derived from video production business

      And that there may be five general levels as well:

      Totally Newbie

      Rank Amateur




      How many Videomaker Forum participants are willing to sound off on where you position yourselves in the above – or are there other more specific categories to which you belong?

      I operate as a full-time professional independent video services provider. Graphics design for print, web and commercial advertising, as well as writing for publication being anciliary, but not necessarily income-producing aspects of my day-to-day activities.

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      I think this would be a great poll to run. I think you have summed it up pretty well with the list you have.

      I am a hobiest that was laid off from my full time day job. I am now considering trying at leastpart time to turn my hobbie into an income producing effort.

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      Cville. If I might ask, what steps have you taken, and what plans do you have to turn your “hobby” into an income-producing effort? If you want to PM me, or e-mail echessher@hotmail.com – if you are even inclined to share, privately or otherwise, I can and will certainly keep anything you wish in confidence. Thanks for responding.

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      Sign me up…

      Hobby enthusiast witha hint of Business Wannabee some time down the road. I’m in no hurry.

      What level covers “knows enough to be more then dangerous but knows when to ask questions”? I’m thinking somewherejust beyondthebeginner relm.

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      I just point and shoot. When it puts money in my hand I’m happy. When it doesn’t, well… you can wish in one hand and pour sand in the other… guess which one fills up first. I guess that would put me between business wannabe and part time income supplement with between beginner, and experienced experience (umm okay). Earl your list has given me a personality complex and a headache. I felt so much better about myself before I realized I didn’t know who I was.

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      Welcome JG. I see you are coming on strong with the posts everywhere – guess you have a LOT of opinions and free time, but aren’t doing much pointing and shooting right now. Sorry you don’t know who you are.

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      Hey Earl,

      I always feel a lil uncomfortable talking about myself at length, but since you took the time to write this somewhat lengthy inquiry, I suppose I should display my credentials…lol

      4 year University -Student News -Telecommunications- 4 years – no pay

      After College -Video Hobbyist -United Auto Worker- 3 years -decentmiddle class wage

      Broadcast Trade School -Video Survelance System Design-1-2 years – decent middle class wage.

      After Trade School -Assistant Editor (got lucky)- videographer -3 years – $150/week asasst. – $150/day as videographer (0-3 days/wk)

      I was very lucky to learn from 3 very experienced editors (1 west coast and 2 east coast with 60+ years experience combined)

      Now here’s where it gets good:

      I then hit the road nation-wide as an editorfor a company that produced extreme sports shows for cable (Discovery Channel/Speed/ESPN/Outdoor Channel)

      Basically I would edit Sunday – Thursday and on the weekends I would either operate a camera, operate the switcher(so stressful), or I’d run the audio board. We would basically work 80-100 hours a week for 36-40 weeks straight just about everyday. (sometimes we got Sunday off but still had to travel.) It was very demanding work and it was our whole life for those 40 weeks so therewas some serious sacrafice involved…many men have lost their families because of it….but we did have some nice compensation and perks like full bennies and personal American Express cards to use reasonably on the road for anything we needed including all meals, lodging, cars, and a lil bit of fun if we had the time….thehotel pool partieswith the crew were priceless if we had the energy and it made thewhole experiece worthwhile, not to mention working with the hottest woman producer in the world!…well, at least in my book she was…wink,wink….oh yeah, we also got 8 weeks vacation.

      I had toquit my jobwith that fabulous companyto move to California for family issues andgot a decent job creating DVD special feature content for all major film studios.

      I now work as a freelance editor utilizing the contacts I’ve made over the years and continue to make. Either I work in colaboration with the client at their facility or I’ll work at home on any platform requested and rent additional hardware if needed. I love the freedom and the money can be great but there really is no job security and could come to a hault at any time because I do not advertise like a business.

      I’m currently finishing up my largest contract that I’ve beenawarded and building a new demo for future bids….

      I’m alsogoing to considermy options for getting back into a post house with a set schedule and some bennies…It is always good to work with nice creative people from which you can lean….I think you develop more as an editorthis way, plus I’m starting to get a lil lonely in my cold dark cave……

      Having said all this, I will say that I fall under the expercienced category in your list because I cannot be so arrogant as to say I deserve to be labeled on the top of your list considering there have been many who came before me and there are many serious kick-ass editors/compositors/3d animators who are on a whole new level way above me…specifically hollywood effects artists….they humble the hell out of me, and they are so QUICK!

      There is always much much more to learn….


      I did not metion the hardships involved in video production as I’m sure many of you are aware of.

      There are many challenges like working for free in the begining, not getting paid on time or at all…or working with some of the biggest jerks in the world that make women cry. (I’ve seen it many of times…including fist fights with executive producers.)There are many times that I said this just isn’t worth it and wanted to quit….but I implore anybody getting started to make the necessary sacrafices and persevere through all the B.S because ultimatily it IS worth it and it all pays off with effort….afterall, it could be much much worse….

      Thanks for listening….this was weird, I’m not used to talking about myself like this. (blush)

      Good luck everyone…contact me anytime!

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      Lets see – I am still a hobbyist (since it is still a hobby) but I have also generated revenue from this so that also makes me a professional. I have also done this for my employer (even though they paid me to do another job entirely) so where does that put me?

      As for the descriptions – I have been (and still am at various times):

      Hobby enthusiast (like this one the best – the most fun)

      Part-time, income supplement

      Part-time, full-time hours, major income generator (had a couple of really good months!)

      I have also been and still am at times:

      Totally Newbie (still can be – always learning)

      Rank Amateur (depends on who you ask)

      Beginner (when I’m feeling frustrated and stuck)

      Experienced (when I’m in the groove – thankfully, most of the time now)

      Professional (only means I got paid – it implies nothing more)

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      Coreece, I really enjoyed reading your post. I am glad you saw fit to respond and took the time to provide such a definitive, cautious, but also encouraging post. Thanks again. Wow!

      Yeah, BC, we can all relate to what you’re saying. Also, we all know REALLY where we stand in the scheme of things, and I hope most will realize that I didn’t mean to imply there was ONLY a single, specific category into which we could lump ALL things. I also realized, belatedly, that a LOT of folks in this business are fairly egotistical and might, or not, consider themselves above it all.

      Folks like you, Coreece, Crafters of Light, Cville, and many, MANY others are real people, full of experience, very professional (yeah, getting paid for a job essentially makes one a professional) in business and decorum as well as knowledge and creativity, capabilities, etc. Folks like you all are the ones who give our industry a good name. The quality of people you are will take you where you want to go in this business.

      I appreciate the posts, the participation here, and the helpful comments and insights you all have shared throughout the forum.

      I am sorry if it came off like I was trying to PIN everybody down to something specific, though I can see my original post certainly PUT IT that way, what I really wanted was to jog loose some quality responses like Crafters, Cville and Coreece, to name a few. Great input, comments and insight IMHO.

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      Thanks for the wonderful idea/format in which to share our “lot in life.”I was looking upon this as a resource table as well, “who could help with what”, youropen offer to Cville a prime example,kind of listing.

      As achance to see what diversity wehave here, and it seems to be a very wide spectrum. The humor with which we expressed ourselves here also speaks volumes of the “faces behind the masks”.

      I have really enjoyed the verious interactions on the forum.

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      is prevalent in the technology sector and many ‘tetchiest’ lose track of their
      long-term career objectives. And the corporate culture at high-tech companies
      can also raise barriers to advancement.


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      Elenora, could you please put that in terms the lesser among you can better understand and reply to 🙂

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