hmc40 side angle lens question.

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      I’ve owned a massive pile of camcorders. this is the first time I’m taking this more seriously with my hmc40. 🙂

      My question is, I want a wide angle lens, have read a few things, where guys grab a step up ring and do a 43-52 with a .6x lens.

      Why not go to a bigger lens like a 58? I see they make stepup rings for that. will it physically attach or are there other reasons?

      my apologies if this is a noob question. 🙂

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      Having an HMC40 myself, i have also looked into wide angle lenses. Something to give me a little more FOV.

      My concerns that have held me back from this so far are about any “stack-up” of adapters or too large a lens is running into the lens hood with the new optic. Or ‘sticking out there so far’ that I now render the lens hood useless. You have restrictions got to larger diameters due to the lens hood as well. Yes you could run without it. Not that you should not do it, just understand what you might be getting into.

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      I ordered a few. Super cheap. If they work at all, I’ll get better lens’s. No sense dumping major coin on a “chance”. 🙂

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