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      Hello everyone,
      I’m heading out on a 3 week shooting time, and the HMC40 and higher than consumer-tech video is new to me, including my HMC40. I shoot nearly all high speed action footage, and these next few weeks will be mostly shot with great sunlight a the dunes, desert, rock crawling, etc. I typically like to incorporate slow motion into my edited video, so my initial thought is to shoot in 720/60p. Is this the correct thinking? Or, should I be shooting in 1080/60i? I’ve been told that if shooting for slow motion, use a shutter speed of 1/120 in 720/60p, and 1/60 pretty much no matter what in 1080/60i. To me, based on my experience with my D300 still camera, those shutter speeds are only helpful if I’m wanting to blur the image slightly, or the wheels/tires spinning when panning, but is this different for a camcorder?
      Then, my next question is what format to export using Adobe Premier CS4 for use primarily for youtube? I want the best format possible for the cleanest, best looking video on Youtube. Is there a format that YouTube won’t compress, such as if I export using f4v or flv, for example? And, if so or not, what codec, bitrate, size, etc would you recommend for optimal playback on youtube?
      Secondly, given the above, I’ll also want to put this footage on DVD for my customers to use a sale/marketing pieces. Will this play a role as to what format to be shooting in, or do I just pick the best format for the web, then just output it the way it needs to be for the DVD after outputting the footage for the web?
      Thanks in advance for the help…

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      Hope the CMOS sensors hold up to your expectations. The rest of your suppositions seem solid regarding speed, settings, shooting, converting…

      …I’m not an expert and have done little more than test some of the CMOS based units available. Still leaning toward Panasonic’s HMC-150 with CCDs for my all-around production acquisition needs. If not, the the comparable JVC model. Since you already have invested in the 40 however, it would be interesting to read future posts ragarding your experiences and outcomes.

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      I agree Earl…I’m as worried as you, but for the cost, if I can get good footage, I think it will be well worth it. I’m just trying to figure it all out and any help people can provide would be greatly appreciated. It’s vastly different than shooting stills, that’s for sure. πŸ™‚


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