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      Hi, I have a few questions about the HMC-150.

      1. The manual indicates that it is possible to upload some metadata to the camera using a file on an SD card. The metadata is incorporated into the recorded clips. So far, so good but how does one create the metadata? Is there a software application which does this? The manual is curiously reticent about this. It seems to be badly translated from Japanese; full of grammatical errors.

      2. Is there an option to display a rule-of-thirds grid on the LCD/viewfinder? I could not find anything in the manual.

      3. There are some menu options for storing a “User File”. What settings are stored in the user file?


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      The same question was posted asking about the HMC 40. Follow this link;

      Page 52 of the PDF version of the HMC-150 User Manual (link below) discusses in good detail how to save and read/uploadmetadata through the camera (page 53 continues thesection with program recomendation, edit and upload directions)

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      Thanks! I saw the other post and your replies. I also found the link to the Panasonic application in Page 109 of the HMC150 manual. I have just put in an order for this camera, and am now waiting for it to show up. This is my first pro-level camera, so I am very excited!

      Of course, any tips/suggestions for a newbie would be welcome. I’ll also keep reading the older posts.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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