HMC-150 Footage Needed

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      Hello, I had read that Videomaker had posted HMC-150 footage for downloading somewhere back in November. I can’t seem to find it. I’m wondering if anyone has any generic HMC-150 footage in it’s native AVCCAM state. I’m on the verge of buying one. I’d really like to try a test run editing some footage to see if my computer will be able to handle it. Unfortunately I don’t live in an area where these cameras are readily available to rent, so I’ll give this a shot and see if it works. I just don’t want to sink the money into the camera to then find out I need to upgrade my computer.

      The specs on my computer – if it helps anyone who has edited this footage give me feedback; 2.8 dual core iMac with 4 gigs of ram.

      Any info or help is greatly appreciated.

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