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      We were approached by another film company asking us to help them produce a movie based around certain events in the bible but also with some fictional content. We have read the rough draft of the script and feel it could be a good film if done correctly.

      One of our tasks is to create a 3D heaven. Would like some feed back on what everyone thinks about our “rough draft” of the gates to heaven.


      Test 3d Image

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      Couldn’t you just walk around them?

      Seriously though – Maybe a bit more pearlized (pearly gates not golden gates)

      Also, aren’t the streets of gold supposed to be on the inside?

      I personally like the story that has a man & his dog who are denied entrance at the grandiose gates but finds out that a simple farm is really heaven.

      Just my $0.02.

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      I appreciate your input, but let me just emphasize 1 thing, This is a rough draft. Or maybe better put, a concept model. Also the first time we have ever attempted any 3D work.

      Again we posted here in hopes of getting some criticism, so please don’t take my response out of context. The biggest problem is, who can we ask what the gates to heaven, or even what heaven itself looks like? Everybody has their own interpretation of it.

      Also a big problem with creating “Pearly Gates” is the color and texture do not show well. So we felt maybe it would be better to create something that stood out more. We are working on a texture that resembles the pearl color and still shows well. Not an easy task though.

      And for walking around them, you never hear the wall guarding heaven, just the gates. So we (and when I say we I’m including a minister who is trying to help us) decided to leave the walls out, for now.

      As for the gold road, again it is just there to help enhance to experience. Lets face it, most movies do not follow real life.

      But I do thank you for your input or as you said your $0.02. That is what we want, good or bad. It helps us think and improve what we are doing, even if we have a response or what may seem like a rebuttal to your post we do appreciate the time you took to write it. So again thank you.

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      Maybe if you were to make the columns out of something other than marble – like mother of pearl (image is for illustrative purposes only – it’s not mine nor do I have rights to it – but it illustrates what I think might be good): http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs44/f/2009/155/5/7/Mother_of_Pearl_Texture_by_Nphyx.jpg

      Still not fond of golden gates though – maybe try something in a silver…

      And while you may have a minister advising you, I’d go to the client and find out what their opinion is and start with that.

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      We are working directly with the client, who’s brother is the minister. And thank you for the example image of pearl. We had looked for images to base our color and texture design of pearl off of but didn’t find any that looked as good as that.

      And again thanks for the feedback and help with this.

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      Since we don’t know exactly what the gates look like, maybe some “bling” on the gates that sparkles similar to what pearls might? As far as having no “fence” goes, maybe render it such that it looks like the road is the only way in – by that I mean it looks like it falls off into enternity and there is no need for a fence because no way to get to that area, make sense?

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      These look good, nice work, texture wise and stuff. My only concern would be from a mechanical perspective, and that would be that these door simply don’t work. They wouldn’t open the way we think they should. These doors would only open if the pillars themselves rotated to allow entry, or if the gates retracted into the pillars. If you look at where the gold gates connect to the pillars, you’ll see what I mean. This is a non-functional gate. Making a mechanical construct that looks like it functions is a big part of selling the effect.

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      Thanks for the idea 210pe, we were thinking about making the cloud cover on either side of the road thicker, but I think your idea might look better.

      And KenzoFKC, we are currently working on realistic hinges for the doors and also a lock for the center or something like that, not sure yet.

      Also as a side note, I noticed the image is being compressed some on the width, so it is a little distorted from what it actually looks like.

      Here is a link if anyone wants to see the image in its correct size:


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      Has this project been completed? I’d love to see it. Thanks.

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      I would suggest more light from behind the gate going out, maybe even some computer generated lens flares. I would personally also add a slight soft blur. Just some ideas to enhance the footage and by adding a little soft blur it can also make footage look less computer generated. Any compositing software would work.

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