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      what are some standard rates for hiring a camera operator?

      I’m new to the video and filmmaking business. I want to produce live concert (bands and DJs) footage for broadcasting on the client’s own site and other avenues.

      My needs are simple: I need to hire one body to operate a camera inside a club. How do I pay that person? Is it per hour? Shift? and how much?

      please also respond directly to me at alinaderzad@gmail.com



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      A common day rate for a videographer with a camera is $800/day. There are many variables that range that from much less to much more a day. You won’t find many that will work by the hour. (I will) I am a one man band turn-key company and I now work out of my house. Keeping my overhead lower than my competitors, I can keep all of my rates at about 100 per hour, regardless of what hat I am wearing at the time. My clients like this and it makes bidding projects for one flat fee very easy for me… of course they like that even more.

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      Yes, pro’s will charge either a ‘Day Rate’ or a ‘Half-Day Rate’. Being that your potential gig is at night, be prepared to pay a full day rate. Depending on where you are (if in the US) for a 1-2 man team you should expect between $500-$1,000 for the shoot. Price depends on what format you want shot (SD or HD), the gear needed for the shoot and the reputation of who you hired. If extra camera people are needed for better coverage that will factor in as well. Also, if you want the footage edited that’s an additional cost.

      If you’re wanting good work done, try to avoid ‘going the cheapo route’ and getting some college kid to do it for next to nothing or free. They might do a good job, but don’t count on it. No matter who you get, ask to see their ‘Demo Reel’ first. You audition singers, dancers and DJ’s, so you must with your shooter(s). There are camera people who specialize in club work, but an experienced pro with a well rounded background will be familiar enough with lighting and sound to do a good job.

      Don’t go with the first one that tickles your fancy. Look at the reel and ask others they’ve produced for about their experience working with the cinematographer / videographer. When you find someone who does good work for you in a timely and professional manner, pay them.

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      what exactly are you looking for….what is the project?

      You could probably get away with hiring a newbie (0-2 years experience) for $0-$200 per day if you provide the equipment….

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