Hiker Backpack for HDV and Laptop

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      Hey I own a Canon XH-A1 mini dv camcorder and I want to buy a backpack for it. Since I do alot of flying it can be a pain to take my camera on carry-on luggage and my 15 inch laptop. I wouldnt think of putting my cam in the check-in as its critical that it gets there with me so I can begin shooting pretty much as soon as I arrive. I also do a lot of outdoor shooting and it would be nice if it would be in a backpack so it would free up my hands. Im on a limited budget but im willing to pay out several hundred on good bag. Any suggestions? Thanks

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    Check B&H Photo-Video, Adorama, etc. Look at brands like Kata, Lowepro and Porta Brace which make tried and true gear.

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    I’ve been very happy with my lowepro computreker all weather…

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    Thanks for those replies. Kata has some really nice backpacks but they are higher priced then some of the other companies you mentioned. Don I checked out that pack and I really like the price point on it. It says its for DSLRs. It looks like a big enough pack to fit everything in it I need but I didnt find any inside measurements. Will it fit a XH-A1? Its about the same size as say the sony HVR-Z1U. And is there anywhere to strap my tripod to the outside of it? I figure I can rig something up if not but I was just checking. Thanks

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    tripod yes, the inside is configurable… I can get a sony sr12, and hdr hc1 and two pentax dslrs in mine pluse some accessories and lenses… and a macbook pro 13 inch …so I think maybe you could make it fit hvr z1u, i don’t know for sure..

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