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      HI Guys,

      i have tried to find posts on this subject, and i am sure there are some, but i am using the wrong search terms.

      A friend of mine has asked me to film his golf Swing to help him improve his game, and also film the Club head striking the ball (i dont know the reason for this, as i am not into Golf).

      NOw i am using a Canon XL1s and want to know how to set it up to allow me to capture his swing, which i assume will be very high speed.

      I come from an amature photgraphy background, so am used to just upping the shutter speed to capture crisp shots and then increasing the Frame rate to get as many shots as possible (normally 6fps). Now as a result, i dont understand quite what Shutter speed does in a video camera and how it effects the results.

      Can i simply set the Cam to a shutter speed of 500th/sec and assume that will capture every inch of his swing to allow us to watch it back slowly to analyse it? I assume not as the camera is still shooting 25fps regardless of what the shutter speed is set to.

      I have looked throught he manual of the camera and cant find a way to increase the Frame Rate, so dont know what to do.

      Can you help?

      Thanks in advance,


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      My best guess on this, and its merely a GUESS, is that a frame rate of 1/500 means the image sensor will scan 500 times per second but only 30 of those 500 will actually be recorded onto tape. It provides clear frames but slow motion will not show all 500 instances.

      Video is 30 frames per second (25 for PAL). The tape travels past the play/record heads at a specific speed. 30 frames of video needs to fit within the amount of tape that traveled past the heads in 1 second. Increasing the frame rate doesn’t change the actual tape speed. Therefore, 500 frames of video will not fit in that same amount of tape space.

      I don’t know of any way to accomplish what you want with video. At least not without spending $$$$$$$$$$$$$!

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      Ey up Mac,

      cheers for the reply mate, thats cool.

      i assume when you say Frame rate you mean Shutter Speed.

      So let me see if i have this right, your guess is that the sensor will take 500 pics a second, but only record 25 of them, (1 in 6) to tape.

      If this is so, this will mean that each frame is crystal clear, but i will have 5 missing frames, so the shot will appear to jump.

      This is fine for what i want (i think) as long as his swing isn’t so fast that i dont get any of it as one of my 1 in 6 frames.

      Cheers for the reply, i am going to just try to crank up the shutter speed and see what happens.


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      Yes frame rate = Shutter speed. I forgot your not in America. I’m in Massachusetts. Here its NTSC so 30 fps. Yours is PAL so 25 fps. Shutter speed is the control and I believe the XL 1 can go up to 1/4000. Keep in mind that the faster the shutter speed, the more light you’ll need. 1/4000 will require outside daylight or equivalent.

      You understood the rest perfectly. Good luck!!

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      cheers for the reply, thats cool.

      Compu, Mac was only clarifying what he had said in his previous post, not actually saying that Shutter Speed is Frame rate, merely thats what he meant to say. Cheers anyway for clarifyning for me.

      I have told my mate that he will have to pic a very bright day in order to do this, so we are waiting for a break in the constant Clouds, but then thats the UK for ya.

      Cheers again,


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      So was I incorrect in stating that 1/4000 will scan 4000 images per second, but only record 30 of them onto tape (ntsc) or is it done differently?

      In my first post I began by stating that I was guessing. This is how I understand the workings of it but I may be wrong. In the ntsc world, only 30 frames of video will fit in 1 second. My guess is the rest (anything over 1/30) gets dropped. Is this correct?

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      Hey guys, I found this to help you out with your high speed video shutter problems. It gives a real good description of what shutter really does on a digital video camera.


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