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      I am currently working on an experiment for the Chemical Engineering dept in Clemson University to try and capture a carbon fiber about 7 to 15 micrometers in diameter and 25 mm in length breaking apart as we pull on it with a machine. We need to capture the breaking stages so we can learn more about them.


      so far that is the best we’ve been able to find but we are open to any ideas that can help us determine the best possible equipment for this experiment.

      We need to be able to zoom in to SEE the small fiber, as well as it being high speed (faster than 30 fps, because we tried 30 fps with a Samsung sC-DC173U and we saw a break but for a moment and disappeared)

      any help in this dept would be amazing. Thank you!

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      what is your budget? I’m not sure how much a high speed camera costs, but that might be what you’re looking for.

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      My dad uses a Phantom camera. It’s a high speed camera but not sure about the zoom. The quality on it is pretty good. He uses it to capture exlosives going off. The price is a bit expensive though.

      Here’s the website:


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      you’re not looking for “Zoom” you’re looking for macro….

      I’d try the casio, and add a couple close-up filters to see if that gets you close enough….

      either that or get together a budget for a pro video cam that has a fast frame rate, and takes slr lenses and add to that a macro lens…

      (sony camera + sony/minolta macro lens, or canon)….

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      also you could “Reverse mount” a 28 or 50 mm prime to any video cam (that casio would work amazingly) for microscopic work (fill your frame with a pin head magnification).

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