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      Hi guys..Few weeks ago i posted a reply in one of the topics here.. im looking for a sanyo HD cam. Ive read some review about this high speed digital video camera for sale
      . Just want some ideas from you guys, would it be good if i buy a professional camcorder even if i’m not taking video shots for video promotion.. What would you suggest?

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      ‘High speed’ cameras have recording ‘frame rates’ of 500fps or greater. Your average video camera HD or othewise has a top frame rate of 60 or 50 (NTSC or PAL). Like the article said, you can crank the shutterspeed but that gives you a ‘poorman’s highspeed’ not the actual thing you get with high framerates.

      If you’re not doing this to make a living and you’ve got the money to blow, sure buy a procam. Who knows, if you don’t get tired of it quickly and put it on a shelf, you may actually get into camera work. You wouldn’t be the first or the last ‘putterer’ who ended up doing some memorable work. However, if you’re not really serious about this kind of work there are plenty of good consumer to prosumer rigs out there that won’t break the bank and won’t feel so bad if they end up catching dust.

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