High school students looking for a semi pro camera

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      ok me and my friends decide we want to make a film in a film festival……what camera would you recomend for a group of high school students that want to make a good film? Not to mention that we want our group to be well reconized…..our films would range from Drama too Comedy…..any suggestions?

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      thanks man….

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      Hi Steve. First of all let me congratulate you on having the desire to put a good product on the screen, but, as Hank mentioned (in a nice but sarcastic way X-D ) it takes much more than a good camera to make a good movie. You can have the XL-2 with all the extras and make a horrible movie, but, if you have talent and skill you can make a great movie with your dad’s camcorder. Of course, if you have money to spare go with the best camera you can afford (the DVX-100a rules), but just keep in mind that the camera by it self will not make you a great movie, hell, even Hollywood filmmakers with million dollar budgets manage to make movies that su…ck!

      So I say go out there and make the best damn movie you can with what you have, remember good movies are made by talented people, not by great cameras.

      P.S. You might want to check out the forums on: http://www.studentfilmmakers.com/
      This website is more oriented to filmmaking in contrast with videomaker which is more oriented to event videography.

      Happy filmmaking!

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      thanks guys….i will definatally think about the advice u gave me….theres alot of help on this forum….thanks again

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      We are video guys, and guys that like writing our own scripts for our short movies. Yes, we do have gear. But not very good gear. And yes, lighting is as much as a factor to make a good shot as much as a good camera is needed. Im just saying……i don’t think the video quality would be good on a JVC digital camcorder that can record 22 minutes at a time as it would be with a more decent camera….such as the ones that the people of this forum have recomended…..we cant just find another student….im sorry if i wasn’t clear on this….but we are simply highschool students…..what movies we want to shoot will not be in school….so its not like pairing up…..its just a group of friends interested in filming movies that we think of…. But thank you for that suggestion on a camera dolly….we were thinking how we could get one….thank you


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