High school football with multiple cameras

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      I work for a school district and have been asked to videotape football games for broadcast on our local educational access channel this fall. It needs to be a multiple camera production (with 3 or 4 cameras) so I was originally thinking about getting a Sony Anycast or Video Toaster, but another idea came to mind. I was thinking about getting a Firestore or other portable HDD recorder for each camera. The entire game would be recorded on each camera from a different angle and I’d take an audio feed from the radio announcers into one camera. Then I’d use the multi-cam editing option in Premiere to "switch" the camera shots and create a polished version of the game for broadcast, adding in graphics and other elements. I like this idea because I wouldn’t have to worry about stringing cables through a stadium, and I think it would be a less expensive option. True, with an actual live switcher I could walk away from the game with a video ready to play, but I don’t think it will bother anyone if we edit it on Monday and show it that night.

      I was wondering if anyone here has ever tried anything like this and can offer any input or words of advice. One of the concerns I have is about the length of a game. At 2 or 3 hours, will a Firestore drop frames or loose sync? And in editing, will I need to transfer the files to my editing PC hard drive or can I edit directly off the Firestore?

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      I know you don’t want to string cables but if you have the budget try http://www.camplex.com
      our high school uses this system. they use a single cable like your cable for your house.

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      Your original suggestion of edit later seems fine, but thinking about the future: What happens if they ask you to later do it live and tell you they can’t give you any more equipment?
      I would just get reels of 2x Coax (BNC) + 1x audio line and run Video, Genlock, and intercom {one-way intercom would probably work, you shouldn’t need to receive signals from the cameras, simply putting a mic and small mic amp on the head end and a headphone connector [possibly with a small headphone amp, like an LM386 (this is a chip, not a premade product), and two pots] at each camera}. Run your audio seperately (two strategically placed omnis on tripods will probably get a good deal of game noise) and switch locally. If you get a digital switcher with built in synchronization, you can run just video from cameras and use 2-way radios for comms.

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      Centre77: I had some questions about the Camplex suggestion:

      1. How much do these cost?
      2. Is the quality good?
      3. What kind of switcher do you use?
      4. What do you record on?

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