HI8 analog camcorder w/ S video out?

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      I need some suggestions on makes and models of old HI8 camcorders that will play analog tapes and have S video out. I can’t afford pro equipment, so I am looking for used gear. Used gear descriptions rarely mention types of input/output.

      I have old analog HI8 tapes that need to be converted to digital and put on my iMac. I have a Sony media converter model DVMC-DA2 to do the conversion, but I need something to play the tapes on and send the analog signal to the converter. The converter will take in composite video or S video, but I would prefer S video for quality.

      Even Googling specific makes and model numbers has not helped much for the old gear. Any suggestions?

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      well…if all you’re trying to do is capture tape, then any Hi8 camcorder will do. I would go to Best Buy and just look for the cheapest Hi8 camera that has S-Video.

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      I recommend the Sony Digital8 (and High8) model DCR-TRV520 NTSC. This cam has both S and firewire out. D8 cams typically run Hi8, but if you don’t get a 520, double check on this.

      The 520 isa good cam for digitizing analog material and is also a good backup camera. Still use this model as occasional second or third cam behindSony PD-170 and VX2100 cams. I owned several Hi 8 and D8 cams back in the day. Among the Sony’s, the 520 was the best. (Side loading too; a common complaint with many models was that they were bottom loading.) I had my original TR520 stolen in 2007 and went to Circuit City to find an equivalent replacement. Couldn’t find a new TR520 there or anywhere and couldn’t believe how the quality had fallen down onsubsequentmodel D8 cams. In 2007 got my replacement TR520 on EBay. Back then, Ebay was flooded with D8 cams, but very few of the TR520s. Buyer beware of course, but my TR520 from EBay has been faultless.

      Good luck…


Viewing 2 reply threads
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