Hi guys, i need a movie star counter clip

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      hey evreyone i need a movie start counter clip for dowload im using FCP, thakns

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      What exactly do you mean?

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      I think he means "10….9….8….7…." which most professional films start with, although the audience usually doesn’t see that.
      I suspect some NLE editing packages include that. And it’s got to be available somewhere on the net.
      I think the original version of the countdown is copyright by SMPTE.
      Ken Hull

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      That’s what I figure too, but I wondered why the question would be asked if that were the case, since FCP allows for it to be generated on output.

      Anyway, re: SMPTE countdown. I don’t think that SMPTE copyrighted a countdown, so much as standardized the countdown schema (10 seconds, starting with 10, a blip on each, something different every frame that shows the progress, 2 quick blips at exactly 2 then black for the rest)

      [I may be wrong about this though]

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