hi everyone, newbie in need of advice!

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      i’m making some low budget medical training videos, and i’ve picked up a mid range 3 chip consumer camera (the panasonic pv-gs320) to learn a bit before i take the plunge witrh a $2,500 prosumer cam.

      i’ve got plenty of computer, and i’m looking for a video editing package. i’m willing to spend 500 or so on this, but there seem to be so many options out there, it’s downright confusing. i’m a student, so i can get a student version of adobe premier or sony vegas for around $300.

      who likes what and why? am i really better off to stay with a low end package like adobe premier or sony’s low end vegas, since the learning curve is substantial for the other packages? after all, what i’m trying to do is really pretty simple. these are going to be training videos i’ll sell through ebay. all will run on computer as part of a cd rom software package.

      thanks everyone for your input here!

      of course, i’ve got dreams of getting a lot of equipment and doing great things, but i’ve got to get my feet underneath me here and just get a basic grasp. it’s wonderful to find a community like this online!

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      Seen your post about editors for PC. I use Final Cut so I cant help you too much on the PC side. But most people seem to have Adobe or Avid. But I would suggest instead of selling thru eBay, ou’d have better luck with CustomFlix.com/Amazon.com. The medical world does not take eBay seriously (and I dont blame them)
      At least listing with Amazon you’ll have a reutation.

      Ed March

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      the niche markets that i’m working are substantially represented on ebay in terms of dollars. given that i can program software and have intimate knowledge of the subject matter, i think it’s a great way to get stated.

      there are folks who have made a mint on ebay. i *love* ebay!

      i’ve found a copy of adobe premier 6.0 used, that’s never been registered for $25.00. looks like i’m taking that and upgrading to premier pro for $199.00 ….

      i’m really wondering just how much i can dress up the video i shoot with the camera i’m getting. it would certainly be nice to have 2 cameras set up, and for another $450, i could be running two panasonic pv-gs320’s. this camera has all the $$ put in the video, with a prosumer 3ccd feature. i know the sound will be crap, so i’m figuring on recording the sound seperately.

      unfortunately, life has me on a financial shoestring these days.

      and compusolver, your site is beautiful. great job! what cameras are you using?

      any and all suggestions appreciated!

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      i’m sure it will be amatuerish, but what is out there is so incredibly lousy that i don’t think i can do a whole lot worse.

      keep in mind that my video will typically pop up in a small window after a user clicks on a button. certainly not big cinema. since this is a new thing for me, i need to fumble for days to get where i want. it would be enought to drive anyone crazy, and it wouldn’t be viable for me to use a pro unless i was remaking a video i’d already shot and had a very clear idea of what i want to do.

      the learning process is the fun part of this!

      let’s say i don’t ever get a product i can sell (impossible, considering how much software i’m writing). what am i out, $1,500, even if i buy a second camera. if i decide to junk this project, i’ll give one camera to my daughter and keep the other. there are worse vices in life :).

      i am going to fumble forward, and i’m considering this a hobby. if i break even and learn a lot, i’d be tickled to death.

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      heh. just bought another panasonic pv-gs320 for $425 delivered. so now i’m a two camera man!

      as far as the audio, i’m really not sure what to do. i obviously cannot use the camera audio. and there’s no input on these for a microphone (strange that they’d put 3ccd in a camera, which is normally a feature in the $1000 price range, and then not have a microphone input). but the reviews on video quality for this are pretty strong. it’s in a mini dv format.

      i’m not sure what to do about the audio. some of my material is going to be lecture type, and i’ll have to record audio concurrently with video, and disable the microphone input on the cameras.

      i’ve bought a few titles on video production from amazon after thorough research. i really feel i’ve spent my money well. i bought "Lighting for Digital Video & Television, Second Edition (Paperback) by John Jackman", a book with outstanding reviews.

      obviously, i’ve got a ton to read and learn. so far, i’ve got 2 cameras, adobe premier 2.0. more computer than i’ll need, several highly touted books on production, and a digital juice toolkit. total investment around 1500 so far. part of the fun here is the inventiveness to do it on a shoestring. i’m expecting to use quite a bit of duct tape to hold the whole project together :).

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      i found a Marantz PMD201 Professional Audio Cassetter Recorder for around a hundred dollars on ebay. i’m wondering if i could get by with that for a little while ? :).

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      well, i ended up buying 2 nady microphones with stands, a mixer, and usb audio interface for recording directly into my laptop. total cost around $138.

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      I helped edit a movie (Standard Def) using Sony Vegas, then a (hopeful) pilot TV show (HD) in Adobe. Couldn’t stand Adobe – mainly because of the way (at the time) it handled HD rendering, so I/we jumped back to Vegas and it was like a breath of fresh air. Maybe HD won’t be a concern for you (certainly your cameras are not HD!), and perhaps the learning curve will be equally as steep for either program. If I’m not mistaken, if you have pro Hollywood aspirations go with Avid.

      Remember, too – if you’re shooting for streaming video you’ll probably be more happy with a consumer 3CCD cam and wonderful lighting, than a big buck pro-sumer cam and average lighting. My experience, anyway.

      Hiring a pro is certainly an option, but if you have the desire, this is just FUN- go for it!

      And it goes without saying, you need a subscription to VideoMaker!

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      heh. yep, i’ve already got my subscription paid :).

      the cameras will be here any day. i think need a good lapel mic.

      as far as lighting, man there’s a lot to learn! i’m going to dedicate a room in the house for a studio, so after i get the lighting right once, then i’ll leave it. this is about the simplest type of project one can do. i’m thinking about building a green screen and doing most everything there.

      on the software, i’ve got adobe premeire pro on my computer now. i bought a copy of adobe premeire for the mac used ($25), and for 199 upgraded to the 2.0 version for windows. whatever happens, i’ll stick with that. i also picked up some digital juice toolkits, so i’ve got a lot more than i need at this point (i hope).

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