Hi 8 to Big Screen tips?

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      I am editing a Hi 8 shoot for ultimate Big Screen showing ina short film competition.

      Question 1: Best kind of DVD?

      Question 2: Does Hi 8 retain good quality on a theatre screen?

      Question 3: I have graphics (not color photos) to insert. Will dpi of 300 suffice for good quality projection on a theatre screen?

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      Grinner Hester

      1. Blu Ray if ya can, even though you are not working with HD. Otherwise the max kbs their player can handle will do.

      2. No.

      3. If you want to work with 300dpi in After Effects, that’s fine. If you import images into your NLE, you’ll just be using 72dpi.

      why was it shot on hi8?

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      Was that standard Hi-8 or Pro Hi-8? If it is pro hi-8, you could get a smige more out of the image with good color correction. If it’s consumer hi-8 it’s like Grinner said, fuggeddaboutit.

      As for your images being in 300dpi, it’s all going to end up as 72 dpi in your NLE.

      When it comes to DVD your only bet is Standard Def DVD. If you have good color correction, it won’t look too bad onscreen with a digital projector. Don’t expect any miracles. You’re working with a low-res format and even if you shot it with the pro grade, it’s still going to look like video. So don’t get any bright ideas of ‘film-looking’ it in post. It will just make things worse.

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      1. Best standard definition DVD-R’s in my opinion are MAXELL Broadcast Quality. Disclaimaer – I have never been affiliated with MAXELL, still paying hard cold cash for their excellent product. Broadcast Quality DVD-R’sare coming with an extra coating on the data side. Makescustomers happy.

      2. “dpi” stands for dots-per-inch and is relevantfor printing process only. Otherwise it is irrelevant, don’t pay attention to it.

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