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HG 20 Buffer Overflow error…

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    Greetings, everyone! I have a question regarding my Canon VIXIA HG20 camera and a buffer overflow error that has been causing problems for me.

    Here’s the situation I was doing a photo shoot of an F8F Bearcat from a B-25 Mitchell with all its windows removed in the back, creating a pretty bumpy environment. I wanted to supplement my pictures with video, but the HG20 would only record about 10 seconds of video at a time, before stopping due to a buffer overflow error. I’ve read a bit about it and found this may be due to the (Buffer Overflow error) vibrations in this environment.

    The real question now is, if I set it to record video to the SD card, will this eliminate the problem, or am I just SOL?

    Thank you for any input!

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    Pages 8 amd 9 of the manual list several warnings: do not subject to vibrations, keep within temperature operating range, and do not use at high altitudes.

    I think you probably need a different camera.  Some of the professionals on the forums should be able to offer advice.

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     Shooting to card will help, but you might want to investigate a stabilizer to assist as well, especially to help cut down on ‘jello’.

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    I am having the same issue with my camera, except I am using it a sea level and on a tripod. Does anyone have any advice for me besides using the SD card? Thank you very much and have a nice day.

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