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      Hi, I recently got a Canon HF200. I am now looking
      for an external microphone (one
      that plugs into the mic terminal).
      Just out of curiosity I plugged
      in a regular headset mic (the
      jack is compatible). However, it does
      not record anything. The in-built
      microphone cuts out when I
      plug in the headset mic, but
      there is no sound. I have
      already tried manually increasing
      the gain.

      So the question is, is this to be
      expected, or is there a problem
      with the mic terminal? The camera
      is brand new and everything else
      works (including the headphones).

      Any suggestions/insights?

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      Starting at the simple…

      Your headset mic, does it share the headphoneplug or is it separate (doyou have one plug, or two)?

      If it’s one then I do not think it will work. It will cut out the onboard mic as it will open that part of the curcuit to disable it. It will also, most likely, have 4 or 5contacts on the plug (tip, usually ground, 2 or 3bands, one for mic and others for left and right headphone,and the part that enters the “handle”).

      If it has 2 separate plugs, are you sure you are not plugging in the headphone instead of the mic?

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      Hi. Thanks for the reply. My headset has two plugs: a red one for the mic, and a green one for the headphones. I am plugging in only the mic.

      In the meanwhile I visited a local camera store and asked them about this. They told me that I need to get a mic which has the correct impedance for video work, and that the regular pc mics might not work with the camcorder.I also had a look at the manual; Canon suggests a “condenser microphone with its own power supply”.

      Maybe it’s a good idea to start a camcorder mic compatibility thread.

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      I got an Audio Technica lavalier mic for use with the HF200, and it works perfectly. So, basically you need a powered condenser mic for this camera.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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