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      Hi, I have a Canon HF20, and the camcorder requires me to use a certain software (Pixela ImageMixer 3) to load my HD footage into the computer.

      Now, I want to import my footage into Premiere Pro CS3, but am unable to due to “unknown or damaged file format.” The file is H.264 format and ends in .m2ts or just .mts. How can I get my footage into Premiere?

      Thank you for your help.


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      I have a Canon HF200 Vixia which is similar to yours only that you have onboard memory as well. Lucky you. You should also have a memory stick that you can put into
      your computer if you have the slot for it. If not then you can use the usb to connect
      to download to your computer. I myself use Sony Vegas and it recognizes mts files so I can edit easily. Premiere CS3 does not support those types of files; however Premiere Pro CS4 does. I found their link here http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/405/kb405978.html

      Hope that helps. Now I have a question for you, have you had trouble in movie mode trying to listen to your talent through the use of headphones? For me it only seems to work in photo and dual shot modes, but not in movie mode.

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      Hey, thanks for the reply. Yeah, after searching around the internet I found the page you linked to.

      I usually don’t use headphones while filming, but I plugged the headphones in and was surprised to hear a loud buzzing noise instead of the video audio. For me, the noise is also heard in photo and dual shot mode.

      I’m probably missing a step. Will update if I find a solution to this problem.


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      Yeah by default its set to AV. If you go into your menu options by hitting the Function key and scroll down to menu from there in the black screen search for AV/Headphones and select headphones. When your in AV mode you will get the buzzing sound when wearing headphones. Once you select for headphones when you go back out you will see an icon at the bottom of your lcd with a pair of headphones.

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      Since the HF20 is similar to the HF10, you may want to check out this post. http://multimedia.journalism.berkeley.edu/tutorials/canon-vixa-hf-10/

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      Hey, thanks for the info.

      Was wondering, what kind of projects do you use your Canon HF299 for?

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