HF S21 or HR M40?

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      I was wondering if I were learning to shoot and would eventually use one of these models professionally, which should I choose? The HF S21 was recommended in another thread for good production value and I want to get the right camera. Also, a view finder helps immensely especially during a sunny day. I understand some of the difference between the two and someone I know says it doesn’t matter. I was wondering what the experts think? FWIW, we can afford to buy either one, but naturally, wonder about the better value.


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      I don’t know theother model that you refer to, butI do own theCanon HF S21. Although it is really small and does notlook it, its performance does place it in the prosumer class.Several reviewershavesaid it was a good camcorder but too expensive.Quality is remembered long after the cost is forgotten. It is exactly the larger LED screen that was a big selling point for me as I am somewhat visually challenged. THe viewfinder is not an issue for me, I use a hood for the LED screen on sunny days and that is better than the view finder. When shooting HD, focus is important and the large LED screen and other focus aids really help to get quality video. Sorry I could not comment on the other model you metioned, Google said it was either a lawnmower or fancy wheels for a car, neither of which I know anything.


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      Heidi, thank you for your response. Can you please tell me more about the hood that you use? Sorry, I was mistaken. The other model is the Canon HF S200. It seems like the main differences between it and the HF S21 are that the HF S200 does not have internal flash memory and does not have a viewfinder.

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