Here is my setup will it run vegas with no problems?

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      I just ordered my computer to start editing video, do you think this will be satisfactory toedit SD and HD videowith Sony Vegas 8?

      Dell Studio XPS 435

      Intel Core i7-920 processor(8MB L2 Cache, 2.66GHz)

      Windows Vista Home Premium Edition SP1, 64 bit

      6GB Tri Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1066MHz- 6 DIMMs

      750GB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive

      Dual Drives: Blu-ray burner(writes to DVD/CD/BD) and DVD+/-RW

      ATI Radeon HD 4670 512MB video card

      Intergrated 7.1 Channel Audio

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      Yeah, that will work just fine. But you need a second harddrive big time. You do not want to have your OS, NLE software, projects, project previews, video, graphic and audio source media all on the same drive. That’s beggin’ for trouble with a platinum plated cup. You should partition your current drive (50/50 should work nicely) just so you can have a separate place to store project files and non-video graphics until you can get another drive in there. A good alternative is an external drive preferrably firewire or esata (if your rig has built-in support or if you don’t mind spending $45 or more for a PCI esata card) Firewire’s built-in unless you want a firewire 800 capable drive. Don’t forget to get a UPS backup at least 200w over what your system’s power supply is and some reasonable 5.1 (Vegas doesn’t support 7.1) speakers to take advantage of that capability. Looks like a 21″ monitor came with it. Normally, I say get two monitors (which BTW you should if your serious about editing) but your options are to either; get another similar monitor or get an in expensive HD LCD TV to use as a client monitor. Vegas will link up to either, but when you use supporting programs like photoshop, after effects and others having that second monitor will come in handy. Having a second monitor with Vegas works well too because when you’re doing your effects work in Vegas you have room to put the effects editor on the second screen.

      Those are just some extras you should be seriously considering. Next time don’t get the ‘Home’ version of any Windows product to put on your nle workstation. You won’t have many of the technical controls over the OS you need that you get with ‘Pro’ or ‘Business’ versions. You also don’t get all of that extra junk that comes with it. Sounds like you’re just starting out so you did what you had to. Otherwise, that system should get you started no prob.

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      Wow I’m impresed! I’m afraid to know muchyour high-end Dell system costed, though I’d do the same thing if I could afford it. YourPC willrunjust finefor video editing.Like composite said, getting an external hardrive is necesary if you don’t want your system bogged down by storing large amounts of data, despite thestorge capabilityof your internal SATA hadrive.

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      Thanks guys i really appreciate the help, i called Dell this morning and had them add aadditional 500GB hard drive. The way i’m looking at it is i don’t want to have to upgrade computers in 3 years so i put in the money to get something that will last. I’m new to this so i’m absorbing any info out thereand there is a lot toabsorb. Mygoal is to starta outdoors show in the next year or so, i hear it is a lot of work but it will be something me and my sons enjoy doing. Thanks.

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      Great suggestion on the additional harddrive. Sounds like you have it covered. Enjoy!

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