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      I am going to make this as detailed as possible for you guys to answer…

      What I am trying to do:

      I am trying to make credits.

      To do this I have created a very long image. (1551×10717).

      My plan is to take this image, and pan the camera down from the top, and

      gradually go down to the bottom.

      What I did so far:

      Step 1: I created a new sequence with the image.

      Step 2: I put the Duration for 216 seconds. (That is how long I want it)

      Step 3: I put in a position key frame from 0-200.

      Step 4: I export it.

      My Problem:

      The export happens to magically turn my video to 1552×1008 and

      my panned image is now unreadable. (Way too tiny)

      What am I doing wrong here? Do you understand what I am trying to do?

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      Nevermind, I solved my problem.

      All I was doing wrong, was that I wasn’t supposed to create a new

      sequence. Took that step out and B00m problem fixed.

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       No I am not quite sure what you are trying to do. You mention credits but also talk about a camera image.
      Normally with Premier Pro CS5 I would do credits with the menu function.
      I acknowledge there are many different ways to do this but here is my way to make a simple rolling title.
      With the project open, go to File>New>Title. A window will open asking width and height. It usually defaults to the standard you are using. Give it a name (Credits) then OK. The Title window will open.
      Under the title tab select the roll/crawl option. Select Roll and tick start off screen. Use the horizontal centre button on the left side of the window to centre the curser, select the type face you want, and select the centre justify icon.
      Type away to your hearts content, ensuring that your text stays inside the inside safe area sides. You can type as many lines of text as you need, hundreds if you want, and it will up scroll as you keep adding lines.
      When complete close the window. The menu will be in the assets list. Drag it onto the timeline onto an empty video track at about where you would like it to appear. Shorten or lengthen the title in the time line to get the roll speed that you want, then position it accurately over your video, or a piece of black video, as required. Lastly select the title, and using effect controls select opacity and give it a fade in and fade out as appropriate.
      If you need to edit it, double click the title in the timeline and it will reopen in the title window.
      If I am off the mark, please explain more clearly what you are trying to do.
      Cheers Ian

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      Sounds like he was using a photoshop image with his credits on it and using the effects controls to scroll it through. The advantages of doing it that way are the higher quality graphics you can produce with Photoshop but if he is using plain text then the Titler in Prem Pro would be the better option.

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