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      I have a Canon Vixia HF S21. When recording I use the settings 60i for the recording mode. I also have a iMac i7 core. The computer is about a couple months old so that eliminates one problem. The only way that I know how to transfer files between my canon and mac is through iMovie. (I only use iMovie for transfere and Final Cut Pro for editing) When I transfer 60i clips from the camera and use iMovie to do the transfer i select ORIGINAL FORMAT. So the clips should be 60i. And when I right click on my clip, located on the harddrive it says in the properties 29.97. Why is that? Does iMovie convert the clips or is there something wrong with my software?


      How do you guys transfer AVCHD clips from a canon HF S21 to a mac and have them in 60i, just as they were recorderd on the camera?


      Thank You in advance!!!

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      Somewhere may lurk a setting for “drop frame” that is doing this, however automatically it appears iMovie might be affecting the outcome. I don’t know much more than that reality, but it could be an integral way the current iteration of this software reacts. You should, however, (in preferences?) be able to set it, but then again, how much effect did it have on your footage when playback or review? Is it visibly messed up, or clean?

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       You should be able to ingest directly to FCP either using the ‘Log and transfer’ function, or through Compressor (which will let you transcode to Prores).  Imovie uses another intermediate codec, so if you go direct, it may reduce issues.

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