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      I made a movie a while back through imovie. I made it a dvd. I don’t have the original project file now–I was getting rid of them for space, only the dvd. I now want to get the file off the disc somehow in order to share it through YT. Is there a way? I have final cut pro if that helps. But the copy I have is already enbedded into a menu–movie dvd. (though idvd).

      Any ideas?


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      You’llneed to copy the video files from your DVD to your Hard drive. When you explore the DVD you will see several types of files, you only need to copy the large files.(typically called VOB files) These files are the videoand usually around50MB – 1.2 GB in size.

      Once they are copied to your Hard Drive, you’ll need to convert them to a format accepted by You Tube. I use Canopus procoder, but its around $400. You should be able to findfree converter software online…trya search forforums on media converters. I know of a couple but I’ll have to get back to you…I can’t remember right now and they’re on another computer.

      I hope this helps

      Best Regards

      *note-usually you would have to rip the files from the DVD but since it’s a “homeade DVD” copy and pasting should be just fine.

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      Trying to find a free one that can be used on a mac, and change to an avi or mov.



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