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      Hi ….I am new to this site …and must say it has been very helpful ….our church started upgrading its video system last year and we used to have just three cameras which are Sony HVR Z1P now we have an Edirol 4 input switcher, multiscreen monitors etc…. the only outputs available on the sony cameras is the RCA,Component and Firewire….we have connected the camera using the sony included RCA cable which is converted to BNC coaxial cable which is split at the ends into two where one goes to the mixer and the other to the multiscreen device since the mixer itself has no separate outs for monitoring… the quality of the video is really poor…..the length of the cables are about 30 meters…i am guessing the splitting and the length of the cable is the reason for the poor quality… can i fix this issue what do they usually do in situations like this such as concerts etc where the switchers are far from the cameras etc….any advise is much appreciated …thanks in advance

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      sounds like you need a signal booster in the chain.

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      Thanks …any recommendations ……because searching on the internet seems to bring up distribution amplifiers …will that do …thanks again

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      A distribution amplifier is what you should be considering, IMHO. I use one as simple as a unit from Radio Shack and also have other various brands and models, including one I purchased from Markertek that supports all the stuff in my editing bay. I’ve used TecNec, Horita (if they still make them) and a number of others from various manufacturers. You can get units with single in/outs, or anywhere from 1 to 3, and up into much larger numbers and configurations.

      My TecNec, for example, has two ins and six outs. Also, you can acquire DAs that have multiple inputs for RCA pinplugs, BNC connections for cable, firewire, even USB but the costs are usually tied in to how many, what kind and diversity of connections, so money can be all over the board.

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      thanks guys….

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      Take a look at this:

      Composite A/V RCA Distribution Amplifier

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