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      I apologize in advance if this has been covered already or too “newbie” but I was hoping to get some advice on how to best capture video interviews in crowded/noisy areas.

      I have the following equipment:

      Canon XHA1
      Canon Vixia HV30
      2 – Sennhesier Wireless G2 Set (
      Wireless Sennheiser Handheld Mic

      My first time around I learned the hard way just thinking that by using the equipment above, it would potentially block out the crowd noise and/or isolate on the speakers. Of course, it did not.

      Can anyone provide any tips or point me in the right direction as to what settings or steps I need to take so that can interview people in areas where there is crowd noise so that I can block that out or isolate on the speaker more?

      Any help is much appreciated.

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      Using a highly directional microphone- wireless, wired, lapel, hand held, standalone digital recording device or whatever – that rejects most or all of the “noise” from the sides and back would help dampen the ambient sounds and intensify the speaker’s audio.

      There are many varieties of microphones with different directional capabilities – one that focuses primarily on the sound entering it directly from the front, or primary source, would be the most effective.

      Do a Google search for brands that interest you and see what the information offers from brand-to-brand regarding “directional” microphones.

      Also, if lip syncing isn’t imperative (I know, I know if you are shooting interviews it likely IS, but…) then recording ambient sound from the area you WANT it to sound as if the interviews are being held, then laying that down low on your second audio track to fill in behind interview audio, and to fill the empty spaces between dialog. This would allow you to record the main audio, or portions thereof, in a quieter setting that gives you more control over ambient sound levels.

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      Also you might find this helpful. Go to the Video Section (tab at the top of the page), Videomaker Presents Vidcast, and look up episode 73. The Tips and Tricks section has a good discussion/demonstraion on mics and their functions within different environments.

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      Thanks for the tips. I watched that video and I must be doing something wrong in the setup as I have a couple lavalier mics and a wireless handheld, yet last time my footage from a busy conference picked up a lot of the crowd noise (unlike the example in that video).

      That leads me to believe that perhaps I did not setup the mic correctly on the camera thus the camera’s mic picking up the audio and not the attached mics.

      Is there something I have to turn off on the camera or should plugging in a lavalier or wireless mic in and of itself, shut off the camera mic and default to the plugged in mic?

Viewing 3 reply threads
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