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      I just shot an interview and when I returned home I found that the audio from my lav mic was horrible. Apparently the setting was too high and there is a "buzz" in the gentlemen’s voice, at least on the louder portions. It’s not so noticeable when he speaks more quitely. (Don’t ask why I didn’t catch this before I left the interview) It sounds like its playing through a pair of busted speakers. I have Adobe Audition 1.5. I can remove some of it through hiss reductions and noise reductions but it leaves the voice a little hollow. Does anyone have any experience in this that could help me out. Thanks in advance.

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      Any audio editing/ recording software will be of use. Suggests to try FlexiMusic Wave Editor. Completely removing unwanted background noise is not possible but can be removed to some extend. Play your recordings in the software. Use "Noise Reduction command to reduce the unwanted background noise. To improve or equalize the volume of recording, from the menu choose the "Volume" in which, select the "Simple Compress/ expand" option to opt the percentage of the volume for the entire recording.

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      sounds like your levels were too high, you will probably have to redo the shoot.


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