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      Hi all, I’m currently working on an MMV (A music video based off of
      a certain video game, similar to anime music vids), but I have a big
      problem =\ Theres this “flickering” thing in the middle of the video,
      and I can’t figure out how to get rid of it. It plays through, and at a
      certain point it goes back a few frames and repeates about 5 times….
      Just going back and forth… I have tried removing audio but it didn’t
      work. The AVI files outside of Premier Pro are fine. I have also
      rendered it numerous times to see if it was just Adobe’s preview
      playing up, but…. it wasn’t….

      If you still can’t understand it, I have recorded my problem and uploaded it, in case anyone wants to look at it.


      In the vid I am tapping arrow keys through frames, not just playing through.

      The first section, the chat bubble is meant to change twice altogether.. but it flickers through and change about 10 times.

      Second section, and the rest, are all repeated actions that are only meant to happen once…

      Help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

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      What program are you using and what version?

      What is the source of your video and what format?

      Does the flickering come from video clips, titles or still images?

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