help with output from soundboard!?

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      im shooting a wedding on sunday and i need to route sound from the soundboard (xlr) to my camera (1/8" mini). I have done this before but it has been quite a while so heres the question.

      Do I need a XLR male to 1/8" male or a XLR female to a 1/8" male? Am I taking the correct approach to this?

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      Yeah, sounds like you have the right idea. You should be able to hook up via the direct outs or via aux sends. You’ll likely need a male xlr to male 1/8", but if you’re not sure it might not hurt to have both.

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      Make sure you have an impedance match – XLR mic output could be mismatched with your camera’s mic input.

      Also, it could hurt the camera to have a line voltage pumped into your mic jack.

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