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      Hi there

      I need some suggestions on how I can get my Hi8mm tapes from tape to my computer. The camcorder I have is a Sony CCD-TRV11 HandiCam.

      The output connectors are only the Vid out and audio out (Single audio connect). Is there a Video Capture device that I can use for this type of output? The only ones I have seen are the ones that have Audio L and Audio R. (Standard RCA connectors). How the heck can I get the video from the tape to the computer?!

      I’m really stumped please any help that you can offer would be greatly apprecieated!

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      πŸ˜€ This is an analog camcorder..In order to "capture" video to your computer , you must use an analog capture device IE: something from ADS..that is something like a DVD EXPRESS…etc….
      There are other company’s that offer analog capture devices…
      I own and use an ADS DVD EXPRESS myself for capturing various analog devices such as a VHS recorder..
      It works great for what it does..
      Do NOT expect super quality, but it is acceptable.. πŸ™‚

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      Find someone with an old Sony Digital 8 camcorder, it will probably be able to digitize you analog Hi8 stuff. My DSR TRV315 will do the trick, and I’m sure many other similar models may too.

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