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      Hi there : )
      I am looking into upgrading into HD from mini DV. I have a Canon Xm2 which is a really lovely video camera. I was wondering what to go for and thought maybe some of you guys on here can help? This website is really useful and I bet the magazine is great! We have nothing like this over here in the UK right now.

      What I want is a main semi-pro camera and a smaller consumer camera with good HD to use as a static shot (using a MF to set the focus) for filming stuff on stage like music acts. With the semi-pro I also want to make short films/videos for my own creative exploration and documetry film to sell. For the semi pro I want to spend less than 2000. Perhaps 500 or so for the consumer one.

      I checked out the reviews and the Panasonic AG-HMC41 fhd looks good. I also have seen another Panasonic on sale the “Panasonic AG-HMC81 / AG-HMC82 / AG-HMC84 professional AVCCAM HD shoulder-mount camcorder” the review for the HMC80 was pretty good on the website . . .

      I would really appriciate hearing from people in this matter, thanks : )

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      I really like the Panasonic AG-HMC80 (U.S. model), and the HDC-TM700 (U.S.) – which I have.

      They shoot great HD, if you can handle the AVCHD video.

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      Hi : )

      out of the two which do you find to be the best and what are their strong/weak points?

      Do you know how they compare to other similarly priced models from other makes like sony and canon?

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      My suggestion, As I am in the same process, work backwards…Get the software you plan on using and then upgrade your computer to at least an I7PC or mac if you have money to burn πŸ™‚ and make sure you can edit avchd. Its very cpu hungry. I started with a small consumer HD and all works fine. My first blu ray disc was a short vacation I taped/captured? while the consumer camera was still returnable. Now Im up to looking for the big dollar camera. Already sold one dv cam and the other is onebay now. Good Luck..


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      Well I am have final cut express, but gonna upgrade to the pro edition. The guys in the local mac shop reckon that both the models of mac I have can handle avccam hd. I have an imac of about 2yrs old and an up to date 17″macbook pro. So I should be good for the HD. I do like the idea of a dual format recorder, seeing comments on this in the forum got me thinking, but I prefer to get the full hd for my outlay and not interlaced . . . so no HDV . . . the panasonic PS cards sound far to pricey for my liking to! its difficult to get a real handle on whats what and whats best. I do know that the DSLR video cameras are out, tho I read in a book their video is great for depth of field-just read a bit from the moderator on another thread and to get the best you need to spend on accessories and that negates the lesser price tag apparently!

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      Hey i also am looking into buying a new cam and as my budget is around 1000 euros was thinking of the canon hfs 200. do you have any opinions on this cam?

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