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      Howdy. I’m trying to encode an apple .mov file to flash, a .swf. I’ve encoded the file using a program called Video 2 SWF 2. The program is decent, and it was cheap. I set my data rate, and my resolution, originally 1280×720, 30fps. I want the video to be smaller, to fit on a website, so I set the outcome file to be 480×270, keeping the same aspect ratio. When the video is converted, I open the .swf on my computer and it looks great. However, once it’s embedded in a web page, there are some major aliasing issues. Vertical and horizontal lines where it looks like information is missing. Some of the letters in the text appear cropped… Any one good at encoding flash videos could give me some advice?

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      I am not sure what you problem is but I think it is the player that you are using that cannot keep up.

      You could reduce the frame rate of your flash file to 15fps. It will still be great looking on the web but be less demanding on your player.

      The other option is to upload your Youtube and embed the resulting YouTube code.

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      I don’t know exactly what the program you used does but unless it crated multiple files for you it isn’t a good choice to use. The proper way to create video for display in the Flash player is to create either a .flv or f4v file and stream it into a swf. The .swf acts as a container and can hold the video controls and code that lets the video file stream into the container. If the program you are using only creates the swf file it is actually converting the video file to frames on a timeline and playing them sequentially.

      If this program isn’t creating the two separate files you need to find one that does or use a video hosting service. I would recommend instead of youtube. It tends to have considerably better video quality. If you really want to avoid a video hosting service then find someone who has Flash or another professional level authoring program for Flash Video files to do the conversion for you.

      A couple of other things, contrary to what hmueller wrote converting full-motion (30fps) video to 15 fps will usually look horrible especially if there is a lot of motion in the video. Also if the program is indeed creating a streaming video file and not embedding it into the swf, then changing the swf’s frame rate will have no effect on the video file. And if it is embedding it, changing the swf frame rate can lead to syncing issues with audio and video.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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