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Hey everyone,

I am new here so please be patient with me. I am also new to whole video shooting and editing. I have two HD camcorders (samsung handheld and a kodak playsport). That being said here is my question/issue. Both cameras record in clips. Each time I press record it records an entirely new clip. OK so that is fine I suppose but then when I import into imovie they get imported as clips. They import at full hi def resolution. I then create a project in iMovie and have to export said project to basically get a put together video (home movies are pretty much all i shoot). When I export through imovie I assume i am losinq quality since it being either compressed or something similar. What settings would be most beneficial to use to be able to keep as much of the originai HD video that I shot to begin with when exporting?

On another note, is there a different program out there that is mac os friendly and easy to use that would enable me to also keep the original video quality? Thanks in advance!!!!

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Mac users, some help here. I use PC and have a brother-in-law who has a new Mac and is asking my help to use iMovie tomake video fromhis newSony Hd camcorder.I use Sony Vegas movie studio. The editing software that comes withhis Sony won't work on the Mac. Thanks in advance for your enlightenment.

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Welcome to the amazing (somewhat frustrating) world of video encoding. There is a video format and codec for almost everything. I'm not a iMovie user but to answer your question I opened mine (iMovie 09) and start experimenting. To answer your question I will "use" the Kodak Playsport as an example. This camcorder records in "1080p 1920x1080" at 30fps, so first you need to take the footage out of the camcorder using the USB and import the footage to a folder in your computer hardrive. Then open iMovie and do the following

1) Go to file > Import > Movies...

2) Select your camcorder footage from the folder you put it on. If you recorded in 1080p then in the options check "Optimize Video" and select "Full- Original Size". Click "Import"

3) Now make all the edits you want

4) After you finish editing save your project and go to Share > Export Movie Using Quicktime > (In Export, select) "Movie to Quicktime Movie" > Go to "Options"

5) Inside "Options" you will find the adorable codecs in the "Compression Type" selection. You can select "MPEG-4 Video" as your codec. Now scroll the "Quality" up to "Best" and select "OK"

6) In the "Video" options select "Size" and change the "Dimensions" to "HD 1920x1080 16:9". Press "OK" and see if the dimensions are correct by looking at the description box in the right side. Now select "OK"

7) Finally with this recent settings you can hit "Save". Wait for it to export the project and you are done.

This setting should give you as much original HD video quality. One downside is the video file size is going to be huge. You are exporting in .mov, they usually have huge file size so don't worry.

As for the editing software I recommend reading the "Editing Software Buyer Guide" from Videomaker. It should give you a more clear idea about what editing software you need.


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Sargehero, thank you, thank you, thank you, this should be a great helpwhen I assist my brother-in-law.

mrfizzed, did this help with your questions?