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      Hi guys,

      I need some help please – I have an hour video (edited in FCP) that I need to get onto a DVD (for TV viewing), best quality. I usually export a Quicktime movie & write it to IDVD, it works fine. But now it keeps telling me the video is too large (10Gb). How do I get an hour video onto a DVD to watch on TV then??

      Please can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?


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      You need to convert it to MPEG2. Do you have DVD studio Pro? It does the encoding for you, and it’s not hard. A guy I know has tutorials on Youtube:

      Just gotta look his DVDSP tutorials on his page, I think they’re all mixed up.

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      If you’re using DVD authoringsoftware, edit/import the video inits original format. The software will do the encoding for you. Nearly one hour of HQ(High Quality) video will fit on a standard-sized (4.7 GB) DVD. The time specs for HQ might be slightly different – e.g. 57 minutes, so one hour of video could mean two minutes more or two minutes less. Some software gives a Smart Fit option, which adjusts the quality so that it fits perfectly on the DVD’s capacity. If you don’t have this, you will have to choose SP (Standard Play).

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