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      Hey everyone, my mom’s birthday is comming up and I wanted to see if anyone has any ideas for a video. I want to make one for her, I have some old & new photos but I just dont want to go the easy route and make it a sappy montage only… any sugestions are greatly appreciated.


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      Go to and check out "Photo-to-Movie" program. It allows you to make a movie rather than a slide show of photographics. You can add titles and music. Look at the samples which will give you an idea of what you can do with the program.

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      You could have a word montage worked into it. Something like:
      Mom’s are…

      Caring (pic of mom w/ baby)
      Fun (pic of mom playing cards or on a roller coaster)
      Resourceful… (pic of mom changing tire or building something)

      Etc. Or something like that. IMO mostly moms just want to hear that you care for them and want you to spend time with them. A video is good, but a night playing cards and having fun could mean even more.

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      I wrote a tutorial on creating a very nice effect that gets great results. If you have After Effects you can do this:

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      πŸ˜€ Thanks everyone, sure I know anything I do is gonna be appreciated by mom, but having that extra touch is always welcomed.

      I will totally try that out Endeavor..

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