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      I used my GL2 and a Nady Lav mic to record 3 guys talking inside a bar for a sketch, the problem is that

      I didn’t bring my headphones and couldn’t hear the audio because of the music of the bar, so I increase the

      volume of the lavalier. As a result, I now have a nice video with horrible audio. My question is:

      Can that distortion on their voice be reduced or eliminated using my Adobe premier pro cs3, or the Adobe

      sounbooth ?? or should I need to record the voices again ??

      thanks !!!

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      I had the same thing happen a few months back and could not use my clipped audio in PPro CS3 or modifiy it using Soundbooth; too high is just tooooooo high!

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      you more than likely will have to reshoot. Once audio is pegged like that, there is no recovery possible. Now you know to bring your cans on every shoot. Audio is as important if not more important than the video.


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      >>>”Now you know to bring your cans on every shoot.”

      lol…I haven’t heard that expression in awhile.

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      It is near impossible to repair extream clipping. Much easyer to redo the audio, if you do not have close ups on the lips then re-recording in the studio and adding foley back ground will be easy. If there is close ups on the lips then your actors need to be good at lip sync.

      Unless you are looking for that Bruce Lee kung Fu look

Viewing 4 reply threads
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