Help with a Vlog camcorder on my bike

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      I ride Motorcycle and I do what’s called Vlogging. I like to record my rides and commentate during my ride. I am looking for an external mic, no shake feature. I will mount this on my bike, some shake is acceptable, I have been looking high and low for this product. I have tried the VADO HD, the Kodak i8 not what I want. Is there any products out there that fit this bill. I don’t want to spend the kings ransom either but I do know that for something decent it will cost something. Just wanted to have some options to look over so that I know what I need to spend and also get the best bang for my buck.

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      Your best option for what you are doing is the GoPro HD Hero Sports Cam. It around $260 and it has an amazing image quality. This one is on my list for future purchases.

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      I thought this unit did not have an external microphone input?

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      I would do a GoPro as listed above and just record the audio separately, like from a Zoom H2 audio recorder with an external mic attached.

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      Robert – suggest you get the new $500 Contour 1500 (also known as the Contour Plus), when it’s available. It has a 2.5mm mic input, so you’ll need a 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter to use it with most mics.

      If $500 is a little too much, you might try modifying the original Contour HD ($300 with GPS, $200 without) to accept an external mic — like this

      Hope this is helpful,


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