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      Hey everyone. Im looking into upgrading my system a bit to handle the little bit of editing i do at home. I’m running CS4 and am looking to put in a graphics card that’s in the $100-$200 range. Here’s the specs on my system:

      Mainboard :Dell 0FM586

      Chipset :Intel G31/G33/G35

      Processor :Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2400MHz

      Operating System :Windows (TM) Vista Home Premium Home Edition Media Center 6.00.6002 Service Pack 2 (64-bit)

      Physical Memory: 6144MBDDR2-SDRAM

      Video Card :Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family

      Hard Disk : Seagate ST3750528AS ATA Device (750GB)

      I’ll be adding another hard drive plus an external for some other stuff i have. But the video card is where i’m having problems narrowing down. I use the nvidia quadro 2000 at work but i think it will be a little over kill at home… Anyone have any suggestions?


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      On the side or back or front is an alphanumeric SERVICE TAG, what is that service tag number and I can get into Dell and let you know what you can do with that system.

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      No such thing as overkill on video cards when working with video please see this post

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      I am going to venture a guess that this is your computer

      OK You do have 1 PCI-E Slot this is for a video card, if this is your system you can take up to 8GB RAM you also have 7 SATA connectors for Hard Drives. So you want to convert this into a video rendering computer, 1st idea to remove from thinking, no such thing as overkill when rendering video, in this case the more power the better. With that you HAVE to start with your PSU.

      PSU=Power Supply Unit. I cannot stress enough, if the CPU is the brain the PSU is the heart. If you cut a corner on a power supply you WILL fry your computer. (here comes a lesson) A computer power supply delivers power on rails, 3v, 5v, 12v, there are point values, but lets move on. Each rail is rated to handle only so many components, NOT EACH CONNECTION, 1 12v rail may deliver power to several 12v connectors. (Ones going to Hard Drives) A video card will require at least 1 if not 2, and each drive will require 1, so the first thing you HAVE to upgrade in a DELL is the PSU. (I hold 3 Dell Certifications)

      PSU=A Coolmax is as cheap of brand as I would venture to go, this is a 700W, I suggest you keep it at 700 or more

      Memory=Go the full 8GB, this is extremely important. Computers work in a single cycle mode or double. (DDR) the one piece that has remained on a computer since the very first one is a crystal, it is the REAL brains. Each cycle is one clock wave. Data is passed along the motherboard per cycle. If memory is paired then it allows for 2 cycles to pass for every 1 clock cycle, one on the up and one on the down swing. So if you upgrade the memory do not mix it. Each memory stick must be perfectly the same, same maker everything, in order for the clock cycles to work correctly. (These data cycles have a direct bearing on how fast and video is rendered as it controls the data pathways)

      Video Card=No such thing as overkill, keeping within your budget and going for the best rendering ATi is the best way to choose.×16
      A whole page full

      SATA Ports: These will allow you to add INTERNAL Hard Drives (HDD). I do not suggest using an external HDD to render video to. USB cannot handle the bandwidth fast enough, the write speed will be lower than the render speed so you will have wait states that may result in stuttering.

      No such thing as overkill with video rendering.

      I hope this helps. If I had your Service Tag Number I could have been more detailed.

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      Thanks for the info tasana! I’ll look into what you were talking about for sure. I prob. would have never thought of the power supply.. I def. need to learn more about computers considering i edit on them all the time. The reason i thought i thought the quadro 2000 would be a little over kill is just the price vs how much i will really use it. But your right the best card within my budget is definitetly the goal.

      Anyways yes the Dell Inspiron 530 is the computer i have and i’ll check the service tag tonight when i get home.

      Again thanks for the info!

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      I finally got a chance to get the service number. It’sgx0bqh1

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      Here is your exact system

      Here is your detailed system manual

      Click to access om_en.pdf

      You do have a PCI-E slot and only 4 SATA The fastest memory you can run is DDR2 800MHz.

      However your system can only support a maximum memory of 4GB.

      I would suggest upgrading you PSU and Video Card only, It looks like you typed in 6GB of memory at top, but I am not sure as you TAG# shows a max of 4. You can make this into a fine rendering system with the video card added, but spend some money on it to get the best GPU with max memory on it as you can since you are locked at 4GB for main memory.

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      Sounds good. Thanks for the info! i’ll definitely look into the GPU.

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