help whit the speed shoter and fx7

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      hi every one my cuestion is which speed ishould to use in the sony fx 7 to be more cinema texture an what about the presest and the configuration of this camcoder

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      The magic number is anything close to 24fps as this is the frame rate of film.

      Any video or film played on TV/DVD/computers in the USA is going to be 30fps anyway so keep that in mind.

      If I understand your question and if I’m not wrong here, your camera should shoot at 24fps progressive? [I’m not sure if the FX-7 is progressive] which is one of the things most people say will give you the film look from video.
      There are other factors that come into play but 24 progressive should get you to a good starting point.

      I hope I answered you question 8)

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      I’ve shot video using a 1/30th shutter speed instead of 1/60th for more film-like motion blur. Applying a "De-interlace" filter on your video in post-production will also help.

      Our contributing editor and good friend Morgan Paar really has the look down. Read his detailed explanation here:

      -andrew @ videomaker

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