Help!! Watching home movie via laptop is very poor quality.

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Hi can you help. I have recently been given a samsung hyper dis 65x camcorder. I used it for the first time this weekend videoing my daughter show jumping with her horse. When i got home and watched it through the tv the picture quality was fine. Removed memory card and watched it on my laptop.quality also very good. However when i uploaded and saved onto my computer using the software provided the quality on playback was very poor. The horses legs and show jumps seemed to be moving about in small square blocks. Every now and again the main image in the video is clear and the surrounding images are jumping about. Any suggestions greatly appriciated d x

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...and what happens if you just transfer the files from the camcorder memory without the software and then watch it? If it looks just as bad, it's the player software on the laptop, if it's better don't use SAMSUNG software. Or try their customer support!