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      Hello everyone,

      First time poster here. I read Videomaker on a regular basis but anyways I need help.

      I have taken on a video job once again that this year where I will need to purchase my own equipment. Two years ago I filmed the same job with a friends sony vx and canon xl1. The video will consist of live plays/shows, sports, and interviews. So I’m considering which camera will be the best for this job.

      Right now I’m thinking of either purchasing a…

      Sony DSR-PD170 (same as VX2100 but with xlr adapter) which I believe would be great for sports but I don’t really need the external mono mic or dvdcam feature. Or another possibility would be a VX2100 with some kind of XLR audio converter for the interviews.

      or Panasonic AG-DVX100B which I believe would be great for interviews and already includes two xlr inputs but here it’s not the best camera for video (more of a film camera) or sports

      Any other camera suggestions/considerations, help or feedback is very apprechiated!

      Thank you,


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      For the low-light levels of plays and stage performances you can’t beat the sensitivity of the Sony VX or PD series. This is all I did for a few years using a VX-2000 and a PD-150. (Ahem, both are for sale).

      I am now shooting commercials and interviews with my own lighting and a pair of Z1’s, so I don’t need the low-light cameras any more.

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      I agree with SteveMann. I have a Sony PD170 and it’s freakin awesome. Even though you think you may not need XLR connections to do sports, my experience has shown me that a XLR adapter can becumbersome. Do yourself a favor and just get the PD170 if you are trying to decide between the VX and PD. I’m sure one day you will need XLR connections.

      The DVX is fine for sports. Just because it has the ability to also 24p doesn’t mean it’s not a good camera for sports. I wouldn’t even say it’s more of a “film camera.” It amazes me how people think 24p will magically turn video into film.

      Between the PD170 and DVX, both will work great. If you think you’ll be shooting sports in low light, then get the PD170. If you’ll be in well lit areas, you’ll be satisfied with both. I’d say those are the best 2 cameras in that class.

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      Thank you both for the responses. Now I’m leaning more toward the PD170, I will definitely be needing xlr audio with whatever camera I decided to use because of the interviews.

      The only reason why I’m slightly hesitant with the PD170 is because I haven’t heard much of anything about the camera itself. So I figured I don’t know how much support they have or how the XLR audio would hold up to the DVX. But I’ve been using VX’s since I first started shooting video and the quality has always been great.

      The only thing I wanted to add to this is I’m also planning on getting into wedding and memorial videos. So I’m also considering that when looking at each camera.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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