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      Hey guys! I currently have an Canon 60D DSLR but I would like to buy a videocamera. Somewhere around the price of $3000, does anyone have any good suggestions? I was looking at NEX-VG20, any reviews on that?

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      You can wait until june and get a Sony HXR-NX30, is suppose to be around $2500 or less. And just the small form factor, professional audio inputs and super motion stabilization seems enough to wanna get one.

      check a quick review:

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      I have the NEX-VG20. I have not done a lot of shooting with it yet. But so far I am for the most part pleased with it. It has some limitation as do all cameras. I bought it without the kit lens and have purchased the wide angle 16mm, the 55-210mm and will get the 50mm f1.8 prime lens soon.

      I think it will depend on what you want to do with it. I bought it to do mostly production work that we will control set up and lighting.

      I will say I also have a sony fx7 3cmos camera and the VG20 low light performance is much better with less grain than he fx7.

      With not having a power zoom it is not as event friendly as some would like.

      The touch screen menu is a little sluggish in response but that is not much of a problem. Once I get it set-up then it has enough manual buttons on it that I can adjust most of what I need without going back into the touch menu.

      Vimeo has a VG20 group and you can go there and see a lot of videos that have been shot with the camera as well as read some of the forum discussions on the camera.

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      Mana – here is a review/GH2 comparison I did with the VG20 a few months ago. I liked the camera a lot, but at $1600 body-only it was a little more than I wanted to spend for a prosumer camera without XLR jacks or a power zoom.

      Good luck with your decision,


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      I have to echo Cville’s thoughts. Before I could give you a recomendation,I would need to knowwhat you plan to do with it.

      Is the $3k your camera budget, or your camera AND accessories budget?

      Do you already have pro audio gear? If not, I’d put about $500 of that into mics. I’d start with a good wireless lav. They’re so versatile and easy to hide.

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      Check out the Canon XF100 or XF105. We have had great success with them.

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      I’m still shooting with the VG10and love it. I’m planning on moving up to the FS 100 but just love the size of the VG10 for what I get out of it. I’ve had the 50mm F/1.8 E-mount lens for about a month nowand its awesome.

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