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      I have a question about the setup of a audio/video post production studio.

      I want to add ADR, foley and sound to picture to my services. From simple field recording synced to video – to hopefully – dialog recording to film/tv where voice talents need to see what to sync to.

      thus, for ADR and foley sessions, what would be the equipment setup to display the video in the recording room?

      My audio setup is
      – PowerMac G5 2Ghz 4GRAM
      – ProTools HD Accel 2
      – Lynx Aurora 16 w/ HD card
      – Rosetta800 w X-HD card

      For video, I have an Avid Xpress Pro software, and waiting for delivery of a MOJO SDI.

      What otehr equipment is needed and best setup that will enable smooth workflow for audio to video sessions.

      Thanks a lot in advance.

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      Monitors. It helps for people recording to see what they are recording over.
      Microphones. Good studio mics record good sound.

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      what about setup and connection of equipment?

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