help uploading mini dv into laptop with no firewire port

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      I have a gateway laptop with no firewire port and a sony dc38 camcorder with mini dv cassette. for 6 months i’ve been trying to find a way to upload videos. gaeway was no help. Bestbuy sold me “dazzle” but only uploads to their video editing software “pinnacle”. I want to upload to my software. I also used “roxio” but same thing. What can I do or use. I’m so frustrated. i feel like I either have to buy a new camcorder with a card or a new laptop with a firewire port.

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    this would be a good time to write which laptop you have and whether or not it has an express port or slot for pcmcia cards – if so, search the forums for the information already posted there regarding firewire cards that fit those slots.

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    Do you have a PCMCIA card slot on your laptop? If you do but a PCMCIA firewire card.

    Here’s a link to a specific example at BestBuy;jsessionid=40E040719BC9BC25A23E98E9B991E7D2.bbolsp-app03-51?id=1213399750057&skuId=8909657

    And, here is a complete page of options

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    No thats just one more thing I don’t have. I have the small 1 inch slot. It is Gateway model nv53. I have a firewire port that I had in a borrowed desktop. Do they make an attachment that I can put the firewire port in AND then from there to a usb like they do an external hard drive?? I know probably a dumb question. Or do they make a program (such as a dvd recorder e.i. dazzle, roxio) that i can upload to not only their software movie edit program but any movie edit program? You can see where I’m at whits end.

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    one thing I found that you may want to try is a firewire to ethernet. don’t know if it would work for you but at 15$ it’s worth the try…

    let us know,


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    Okay – Gateway makes two versions of NV53 (NV53A82u and NV53A88u) both models have 3 USB ports (with 2 of the ports being USB2.0). So in order to get your camera connected to your laptop you can use a firewire to USB adapter. Here are two links that sell them:

    You would connect your camera to the firewire adapter and the adapter to one of your USB ports. Whether this will work with your software all depends. It will allow you to off load the camera files to your laptop. I have done it many times this way to a mini laptops.

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    Media fish thats what I’ve been looking for. Now how would walmart have it and best buy doesn’t. If this works you will be on my xmas list. thanks a bunch.


    I don’t know how that ethernet would work. How would I hook it up?

    Thanks to all


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    you connect the firewire cable to it and the device to your network connection (ethernet). thats if this works… i have never tried it!


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    Hi there,

    I found this thread via Google search and I’m trying to see if there are any updates/news about this. I have this exact problem. I just had to replace my laptop with a new Toshiba Satellite P755-S5390 and it doesn’t have a firewire port. My old laptop could use an ExpressCard to connect my DV camera to it via firewire, but this Toshiba doesn’t have ExpressCard/PCMCIA capability either.

    Does that Ethernet connect work at all, anyone know? Or are there any other viable options to connect my DV camera via firewire to my new laptop? As far as I understand from reading up, the firewire-to-USB adapters do not work for DV transfer.

    The new Toshiba also has a USB 3.0 and a HDMI port, but I don’t know if those would do any good right now.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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