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      Big question (and I hope the answer isn’t what I think it is):

      When using a DV tape to record and transfering from the camcorder to the computer via firewire, must one do so in real-time?

      Is there any work arounds to this incredibly inconvient process?

      Thanks all,

      Forest Taber

      -Older Panasonic Consumer Camcorder, DV Tape, Mac OS Latest, 4gig Ram, 160g 5,400 rpm HDD internal (100g free), 1TB Ext Hdd 7,200 Rpm, Adobe Premiere cs4 & Apples Video editing suite

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      No. Tape captures in real time. If you shot an hour of video, it will take an hour to capture. More like 2 hours: 1 hour to log the tape, 1 hour to capture.

      If you think that’sinconvenient, go use a tape-to-tape editing machine for a while. Then you’ll be psyched when you go back to DV tape.

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      Yep, it’s all realtime, and like Robert said, there are definitely fates worse than DV transfer.

      If you want faster transfer, you can either buy a firestore drive, or you could record directly onto your computer.

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      Friend, what Robert and Jimc adviced you,and that is all you have to do. Capturing equals recording time.

      God bless you

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      Thanks for your sharing

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